The Race For Our Last Preference Continues


Well I’m your ten star blue plate special
I’ve always heard you say
But you’re treating me tonight
Like I’m left-overs in the greasy spoon café
And you’re my high class de-luxe menu
With genuine meal appeal
But now you got some doubts about me eating out
And you know that just ain’t real

Cos something’s cookin’ in the kitchen
Something’s brewin’ in the air
Something’s burnin’ in your microwave
And freezin’ in your Frigidaire
Something’s cookin’ in the kitchen
Something’s steamin’ up the room
Something’s broken down your thermostat
‘N’ I’m pickin’ up a feelin’
You’re gonna hit the ceilin’ soon

Baby, there’s one lesson you oughta know I’ve learned
When you order what you want in other restaurants
You’re sure to get your fingers burned
So try to be a little more tender
C’mon fall right off that bone
‘Cos I don’t go chasin’ after hamburger
When I got steak at home.


Thanks Michael Pidgeon
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