Broken Whatnow?



The newly constituted Ógra Fhianna Fáil has marked 250 days of this Government with an online campaign to highlight Fine Gael and Labour’s growing list of broken promises. The Ógra website will encourage supporters to monitor and add additional broken promises in their area. The group has also produced an online video highlighting the issue.
Newly elected Ógra chief Eamon Quinlan commented, “Since the day it was elected, the most striking feature of this Government has been its emphasis on spin rather than substance. The long list of very specific promises made to communities and interest groups around the country has been steadily and cynically abandoned. For Ógra, the complete betrayal on education has been a major concern, but the betrayal of voters is obvious in almost every department of Government.

Ógra Launches Online Campaign to Track Broken Promises (Ogra FF)

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