This Will Cheer You Up


Tritax has announced the launch of the Eurocentral 8 No.2 fund, which the firm has said will offer investors the chance to benefit from ‘opportunities presented by the demise of Anglo Irish Bank’.

The fund will acquire the debt, previously held by Anglo Irish, on three industrial warehouses in Scotland and will receive rights to all income from these assets.

Tritax, which manages £2.1 billion of property assets, claimed investors will receive income in excess of 10 per cent a year, potentially rising to around 13 per cent in years two and three.

Mark Shaw, chairman of Tritax, commented, ‘The Eurocentral Fund offers investors the opportunity to take advantage of some of the refinancing deals that are currently available. This investment not only provides access to properties at a distressed price, but access to high quality properties in a good location with secure income streams.


Property Fund To Profit From Bank’s ‘Demise’ (Dan Kilpatrick, What Investment)

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