NAMA: And Then There Were Seven


Michael Connolly, former Head of Lending at – cough – Bank of Ireland, has resigned from the board of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA). He joined the agency at its inception two years ago and was expected to serve “at least five years”.

He is the second non-executive director to step down from the agency, following the departure last month of Peter Stewart, who looked after NAMA’s Northern Ireland operations.

This leaves Frank Daly, Chairman ( formerly with the Revenue), Chief Executive Brendan McDonagh (formerly with ESB), Eilish Finan (formerly with KPMG and AIG), Brian McEnery (insolvency lawyer with Horwath Bastow Charleton), Steven Seelig (formerly with the IMF), Willie Soffe (formerly County Manager at Fingal County Council) and the NTMA’s John Corrigan (formerly Chief Investment Officer of AIB Investment Managers) remaining on NAMA’s board.

Second NAMA board director resigns (NAMA Winelake)

NAMA Board members (NAMA)


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