Your Favourite Logo For Ireland’s Euro Presidency in 2013?


“This logo takes its inspiration from Celtic spirals and knotwork. Taking the letter ‘e’ for Europe as a starting point, the spirals radiate out and are woven together to create a fluid, unified shape. Each member (or ‘e’) is linked and works in harmony with the others, reflecting our ambition to ensure the united and effective operation of the EU under our stewardship.”


“The Wave symbolises the coming together of different elements to form a working unit. On the lefthand side the overlapping lines create a grid with 27 boxes representing each Member State. The three twists represent the trio programme which Ireland shares with Lithuania and Greece over an 18 month period.”


“Rather than a traditional symbol and type, this logo uses customised letterforms to create a modern and fresh identity. The rounded geometric letters highlight the Presidency web address. The flexibility and effectiveness of the letterforms allows 13 and IE to be created from the same shapes.”


“This logo connects all the capital cities of all the Member States to Ireland to create a simple yet dynamic shape symbolising Ireland’s Presidency of the 27 states.

The lines can be seen as ‘going to’ Ireland but also emanating ‘out from’ Ireland – showing Ireland closely connected to Europe, influencing, linking and trading with our partners.”

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