Or A Window To Throw It Out Of


MORE THAN half a million Irish people either cannot pay their bills or have nothing left to spend after meeting their monthly financial commitments, according to a survey published by the Irish League of Credit Unions today.

A further one million people have “very little” money to spend on anything other than essentials after bills are taken care of, the survey found.

The level of acute financial hardship being felt across the State is revealed in the league’s final “What’s Left” spending report of 2011.

Extrapolating from its survey of 1,000 consumers, the league found that 280,000 people or 8 per cent of the population say it is impossible to cover their bills each month, while 350,000 can pay their bills but have nothing left after doing so.


More than 50% of Consumers Struggling To Pay Bills On Time (Conor Pope, Irish Times)

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