The Lonely Planet Tears Ireland A New One


THE IRISH lack self-esteem despite a veneer of “garrulous sociability and self-deprecating twaddle”, according to the latest edition of the Lonely Planet which has just been published

The best-selling guide book says Irish people’s reputation for having an “easygoing, affable nature is justified”, but our reputation for friendliness is mostly a manifestation of our desire to chat – and our lack of self-esteem is our “dark secret”.

And it doesn’t end there:

Larne: ‘lacking in the charm department’
Letterkenny: ‘ruined by the excesses of the Celtic Tiger era’
Galway: “a very rainy city, even by Irish standards”
Derry: ‘not pretty”

Cork: “everything good about Ireland can be found in County Cork”.


Fatalistic, pessimistic Irish still worth a visit, says guide book (Irish Times)

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