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“I am here to tell you there are no rules “

Entrepreneur Frank McCarthy (above) writes:

 I have just published It’s Never about the Money with OakTree Press. A controversial title I realise, but I do explain what it is all about in the book (spoiler: thinking and doing).

I explain what it takes to become an entrepreneur in whatever you do. How we can all live a more independent and fulfilling life.

The book was written for the student starting work, the woman going back to work or simply anyone fed up, who suspects there is more to this dance than lock step drudgery toward the grave.
It’s Never about the Money is filled with simple and accessible real life lessons to help you understand why and how.

it’s interspersed with biography about growing up and working in Dublin the last fifty years (or soooo) adding a little bit of history and atmosphere to the inspiration.

It’s Never About The Money (Frank McCarthy, OakTreePress)