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March 18, 2010: Sean Fitzpatrick arrested while Brian Cowen is in the US. March 31, 2010: Brian Lenihan issues promissory note for €8.3bn, bringing the government’s investment in Anglo Irish bank to €12.3 billion

November 1, 2011: €715m Anglo bond due. Former Anglo executive Willie McAteer arrested.

December 5 and 6, 2011: Budget measures including €1.6bn in tax rises unveiled. December 10. Sean Fitzpatrick arrested.

January 25, 2012: €1.25bn Anglo bond due. Ivor Callely arrested.

An Arrest, Progress On Promissory Notes…Elsewhere Over A billion Euros Is Paid To Anglo Bondholders (NamaWinelake)

(Photocall Ireland)
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