The Best ‘Mad Borrowing’ Rant You’ll Read Today


Broadsheet commenter Peter Farrahy writes:

“Let me see if I have this.

You base your economic growth on the building and housing market.

You stoke it up with tax breaks to developers and builders.

You protect the cement industry by refusing to introduce EU regulation on minimum standards of house insulation.

You encourage a people who have a built-in desire to buy their homes to “get in” before prices go beyond their reach.

You deregulate the banks and appoint regulators that don’t regulate.

You allow 100% mortgages and in some cases 120% mortgages and turn a blind eye to the fact that NO property bubble EVER had a soft landing.

You pay yourself some of the highest salaries in the world including almost unlimited expenses. You bask in the glow of the Celtic Tiger and sneer at all and any who question you.

You do nothing to control inflation, resulting in Tesco making higher profits in Ireland the the UK!

You allow a situation where we pay five times the European average cost for Pharmaceutical products.

Everything we pay for from insurance to schoolbooks cost whatever the seller decides to charge with no interference from any of the 850 quangos created for jobs for the pals and costing some €3 billion a year to run.

You sold off Eircom and set back broadband for a decade while the company was asset stripped and sold time and time again.

Instead of building a good rail network you built roads and then gave them to private companies to charge us to use them.

If we wish to go, by rail, from Cork to Wexford we must go via Dublin!.

And this is all because WE (the people) were greedy?

Ah, it is little wonder that I rant.”

Criticism of Kenny ‘Out Of Proportion’ – Hogan (RTE)

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