Hacking Cough


A software developer and amateur hacker has claimed the existence of exploits for wireless routers currently used by Eircom that theoretically would allow hackers who know what they are doing to break into their neighbours’ wireless networks.

In a blog published this morning, software developer Ross Canpolet referred to an exploit called RouterPWN v:1.3.138 that allows several methods of hacking routers and modems, such as Eircom’s popular ZyXEL P-660.

“I can confirm that the ZyXEL p-660HW-T1 v3 model running v3.70 (BOE.2) D0 | 03/01/2010 can be targeted and exploited,” Canpolet wrote.

Canpolet confirmed to Siliconrepublic.com that he has warned Eircom of the issue so that the operator can fix it.

Hacker Claims Most DSL Modems In Ireland Can Be Hacked (Silicon Republic)