Weezy & Pizzle


Karen Browlett writes:

I dont know if you get tons of requests like this, but our two cats [Weezy, top, and Pizzle, above] have gone missing in the D6 [Dublin 6] area around Rathgar/Harold’s Cross/Terenure/Rathmines. We raised the cats since they were a couple of days old, bottle fed [them], kept [them] warm etc.,  and they are part of the family. They had never been outside before, but on Thursday morning somehow the front door was opened and there was signs of someone having been in the house while we slept. Nothing was stolen, but the cats must have got out. I’m afraid that with the panic, and with the rain washing away familiar smells, that they cant find their way home.

Weezy is very small, short-haired, and has a pink nose. Pizzle or Tallahasse is small-medium-sized, she has mid-length hair that’s long around her belly, the world’s fluffiest tail of long hair, and she has really long whiskers