Lucinda Creighton: Whistleblower


Bullying in the Oireachtas? Sexism in Fine Gael? Say it ain’t so, girl…

“As a TD in the Oireachtas before the last election, I found that period really difficult. There certainly is a lot of latent bullying that goes on and there certainly is a lot of culture that is really quite toxic.”

The 32 year old said she was now treated differently because she was a minister. But when asked to clarify what she meant by toxic culture, she added: “Sometimes it’s difficult to define, there’s the lovely girl syndrome ‘ah sure, she would say that, wouldn’t she’, this sort of attitude.

“I would say it’s there in our parliamentary party, in Fine Gael it’s there, all the political parties where women just aren’t necessarily treated in the same way or with the same degree of respect as men.”

In other news: sky appears blue, oceans thought to contain water, moon orbits earth.

Creighton Exposes Toxic Dail Culture (Examiner)

(Photocall Ireland)