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This afternoon.

Liveline on RTÉ Radio One.


Yesterday: Two Sheaths To The Wind

From top: Operation Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas (third right) and James Patrice (far right}; Dublin City Council’s anti-sexism poster campaign; audio of Cllr Janice Boylan’s interview on Classic Hits 4FM

This afternoon.

Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4FM spoke with councillor Janice Boylan about Dublin City Council’s  sexual harassment poster campaign “Sexist Comments are not Compliments”.

And then this happened.

Garrett Mulhall writes:

During the interview Niall asked the councillor to define what she believed was a sexist comment and he played audio of Kathryn Thomas on RTÉ’s Operation Transformation calling James Patrice “A Total Ride” after he lost 1 stone, five and a half pounds

In response to hearing the piece of audio…

Niall : “Do you believe that’s acceptable?”

Janice: “ No I don’t, I have to be honest with you. No, no I don’t.”

Niall: “We did contact RTE, RTE’s answer to us was they had no comment on whether they believed the comments were appropriate”

Janice: “Yeah because they haven’t got a leg to stand on, I mean, people who say they’ve no comment are usually the ones that can’t defend the statement or the post that they’ve made”

“I...f it was said by a male presenter to a female contestant that there would have been more uproar and in itself that is, you know, that’s just society, that’s the way society has looked at this

Niall: “Are we saying these things in jest and not realising how serious they are?”

Janice: ““No but see there’s times and places for a bit of craic, this is what I’m saying to you Niall. There’s a time and a place where you’re comfortable with people and where people are comfortable with you that you can have the craic with them and that’s fine, but see on national television, see when it’s a stranger to a stranger it’s just not appropriate, it’s not right

“…I  just think when we let things go, when we think ah yeah sure it’s okay when it happens to that person but it’s not okay if it happens to this person, that’s where we’re making the mistake”

Niall: “You believe that’s sending out the wrong message”

Janice: “It is, to be honest with you, yes it is, for me it is. She could have said ‘Oh god, you look fantastic’

Niall: “But to suggest that he was a total ride, you believe there’s a sexual implication with that?”

Janice: “I do, yeah, I do, yeah. I have to be honest Niall, yeah.”

Niall Boylan went on to request to the councillor that the Dublin City Council campaign “remove the posters that clearly suggest men are the only ones responsible for sexist comments and if it’s really necessary to waste money on a campaign, it at least be fair to both genders”.

Deep breath.

Squat, lunge and…


Classic Hits 4FM


Ruth writes:

Everyday sexism at a Dart station [yesterday]. Advertising frozen pizza by inciting casual mysogyny is to be expected apparently.

Clear endorsement of rude and abusive verbal treatment of women.

Women & ‘getting stuffed’ has explicit, sexual undertones.

Implies that girlfriends do the shopping and should be the ones to buy this for you.

Suggestive neon ‘stripclub girl’ lighting is appalingly chauvinistic.

Reams of school kids – boys and girls – pass this advertisement everyday, and that’s just this one station. This shouldn’t be their ‘normal’. But then I’m just uptight and need to buy more stripclub pizza for my boyfriend.


This morning.

University College, Cork Student Centre.

Keelan Meade  writes:

Sexism with your morning coffee? The coffee shop in the UCC student centre is running a smart card discount campaign with the tag line ‘What’s your cup size?’. This is accompanied by an image of a bikini, where cups of coffee represent the bikini top/breasts (see above). I’m not sure what moron thought that was acceptable…

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 16.30.05

Above: Camogie Poc Fada Ulster Champion Catherine McGourty (pic: Herald)

Anne Marie writes:

So the four men who won the GAA’s regional hurling Poc Fada were given a ski trip by Topflight. In fact the ski trip they won is the Topflight Today FM Annual Ski Trip.

Four women who won the camogie Poc Fada got a medal.

The Poc Fada final is on this Saturday so we’ve a campaign targeting Topflight’s MD Tony Collins asking him to offer the same prize to the women.

Here it is.

All people have to do is add their name.

‘Sexist’ GAA gives medal to camogie star while male winner goes skiing (Herald)


Fianna Fáil Mayo County Councillor Lisa Chambers


Meanwhile at Mayo County Council…

Cllr Seamus Weir told those gathered about of a trip to New York when incoming Cathaoirleach Michael Holmes brought Weir and a couple of other councillors into a hotel to pass the time. A relative of the Tiernaur man was working there.
“We had worked with her in Asahi, and we all had a crush on her,” said Cllr Weir. “She was one beautiful-looking woman,” he gushed. “That woman is my wife’s sister,” Cllr Holmes revealed to Cllr Weir.

…Meanwhile, when congratulating Ballyheane’s Cllr Lisa Chambers on her election as Leas Cathaoirleach, Cllr Patsy O’Brien told her she is ‘a good woman’.
“I went out there (to Ballyheane) 32 years ago and got a good woman too … I know all the women out there are very good.”

Gender imbalances and word wobbles (Edwin McGreal, Mayo News)

(Photocall Ireland)