New To Dublin Zoo: The Baby Bongo


That’s where Adam Ant got the idea from.

From Dublin Zoo:

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a Bongo calf The female calf, born to parents Kimba and Sam, weighed 20kgs.

This is a particularly significant birth for Dublin Zoo as the young female provides an important boost to the international breeding programme for this highly endangered species. Only between 75 and 140 eastern bongos exist in the wild.

Team leader Helen Clarke-Bennett, said, “We are thrilled with the arrival of the bongo calf. There is so few of them left in the wild that successful breeding is essential to the survival of this beautiful species.

“The youngster is fit but still quite shy; she has big ears which look out of proportion on her small body but she will grow into them. She is already showing signs of liking spinach which also a favourite snack of both her mother and grandmother.”


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