Literally Unbelievable



So, as I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times, I’m nearly finished the H. Dip. for primary school teaching. We have our online religion exam on Wednesday and I was going through the demo exam to make sure it works. Some of the questions that will be on it are actually shocking!! I cannot believe that a college in Ireland in 2012 is allowed to preach such shìt.
The answer that I will have to choose to get the marks for the first attachment is “True”. And in the second attachment, asking which statement is false, I will have to choose the one about Hinduism. So apparently, the one about atheism is true.
…Effectively, I’m expected to spout this shìte out to a child if I ever teach in a Catholic school. Unbelievable.


Primary school College Course And Atheism (

Thanks MK

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