“Okie Doke’ Tee Winners


You may recall yesterday’s moob-friendly competition.

We have a winner:

“I deserve an ‘Okie Doke’ t-shirt because last Thursday night I was walking along Baggot Street [Dublin] telling my Dad how to make an Irish whiskey when I walked into Johnny Giles. After a quick gasp and a pause, I hung up on my Da and ran after him. We started a great chat about this that and everything, the past, Bill and Eamon, I even got a photo with him. It was lovely. But then I mentioned The Damned United [Giles had complained over his characterisation in the book and movie]. I love that film. His face turned stormy and grey, his lips trembled and pointed even further down, and I realised what I’d done. He said it was bullying and he didn’t agree with it at all in any way. He walked away, and I tried to dig myself out of the hole calling at him to keep up the good work, but I’d ruined it. So please give me an Okie Doke T-shirt. I need to redeem myself.” (fryfishboil)

And a Runner-up:

“…Because my brother is going over to Euro 2012 and it’s his birthday on Saturday and I’m too poor to buy him a present so this would be ideal.” (Dave)

Bonus Prize: A tee also goes to Jill ‘Daughter of Bill’ O’Herlihy and a flying pen to George M who wrote: “I deserve the Okie Doke tee because…I’m going to have to stop you there, you can’t be saying things like that.”

Okie Doke tees here.

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