Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Bourne Legacy



FIVE Things You Need To Know.

1. A Bourne movie minus Bourne (Matt Damon bailed) is a really terrible idea.

2. A Bourne movie starring Jeremy Renner as an entirely different
character in the same spy program as Bourne, written and directed by
Tony Gilroy (who wrote the other ones, and directed the awesome
Michael Clayton) ‘aint such a terrible idea. We’re there.

3. Ed Norton is the bad guy. He rocked in Moonrise Kingdom, and we
loved his cameo in The Dictator. That said, bet he’s sick he’s not in
The Avengers.

4. Renner rocks hard, and he’s Mr. Franchise Viagra these days, after
M:I 4 and The Avengers. He also  does a voice in the new Ice Age
movie, too. Remember him in 28 Weeks Later?

5. Three Little Words: Stacy Fuckin’ Keach!

By Delboy