How Many People Will Be Actually Named In Tomorrow’s €3.6bn Error Report


Will it be

1) A number of senior and mid-ranking officials at the Department of Finance?

2) The person whose job it was to spot these errors?

3) Nobody?

YOU decide.

TWO OFFICIAL reports on the €3.6 billion discrepancy in the Government’s debt figures have concluded there was duplication of effort between agencies, failures in communications and reporting, as well as lack of resources for key statistical work.

An internal Government report prepared for the Department of Finance and an external review carried out by consultants Deloitte and Touche have both concluded the responsibility for compiling the statistics should rest with one agency, the Central Statistics Office, rather than it being shared with the Department of Finance.

Lest we forget…

The secretary general of the department when the accounting error occurred, Kevin Cardiff, was rejected for the post of European Court of Auditors by a budgetary committee of the European Parliament by one vote in November last year. The European Parliament later overturned the recommendation by the budget committee to nominate Mr Cardiff to the post which carries a salary of €276,000 per year.


Finance Should Lose Key Role After €3.6bn Error, Say Reports (Harry McGee and Simon Carswell, Irish Times)

(Photocall Ireland)

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