A Little Bit Special


Some time ago (September last year) we featured an item from the excellent Irish website Brand New Retro.

A colour photo taken by Jill Furmanovsky of The Specials on the chequered floor of Connolly Station, Ghost Town Dublin, from November 1979. Early morning by the looks of it.

It was a great photo.

We wondered if Jill still had the original and if there might be any more from that particular shoot that hadn’t been used.

Today, we got the above images with a lovely note attached:

Here you go  – this is all I have (in colour) of what was a much larger shoot. In those days we handed over the colour slides and never saw them again. Send me a link to the site.

And as for The Specials?

They have reformed and play Ireland for the first second third time in literally more than 30 years on Monday.


Jill’s work can be purchased at RockArchive.

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