A Celtic Motif In The Medium Of A Bit Of Apple Cable


And you thought you had a lot of free time.

The Celtic Apple by the Art Repair Shop, a New York-based online recycling service that renders everyday objects into works of art. Kinda.

Sez the repair person:

In a way it made me think of the recent IT bubble in Ireland, and the whole myth of the Celtic Tiger, which turned out to be very expensive for the Irish people. I found some nice knot patterns on Youtube, further implicating the myth of the Celts in the modern digital age, and proceeded to turn the cable into a “Tree of Life” Celtic knot. I mounted the necklace I now had in a simple box frame to further separate it from the everyday and emphasise its mythical qualities.


Meanwhile, the Celtic Apple’s humble origins:

Celtic Apple, Object Number 2 (ArtRepairShop.com)

(Thanks Karina Bracken)