Defiance Thy Name Is Tricolour


Joe Donnelly writes:

Came home to find my son playing with his toys like this. Excuse the dirty socks.


Martin Brady writes:

Bike racks showing their woolly knitted defiance on the South Circular in Rialto [Dublin] this morning.



Kay (“Xiao Liu”) writes:

Dear Broadsheet, look at this picture which I took on Shanxi Road, Nanjing [China] not two hours ago!


Emma Davis writes:

My defiant tricolour toothbrush


Alan Greene writes:

This is my Defiant Tricolour in the library of Columbia Law School, New York. I watched Thursday’s game as the sole Irishman in a bar full of Spaniards. And Americans who don’t understand the offside rule.



Niamh Keoghan writes:

I made one out of my Aran jumpers (With a white hoodie for peace).


Denise Coughlan writes:

A bar in Naas, Kildare, before Thursday’s match.


Emer Higgins writes:

A lone Irish flag fluttering in a tropic breeze at my brothers apartment block in Darwin [Australia].


Shane McKenna writes:

Taken from a very wet and “windy” Windy Arbour [Dublin].


Antonio Radici writes:

I was cooking some ragu’ (which is not a “bolognese sauce”) and while was cutting the soffritto (the base of many Italian sauces), I realised that carrots, celery and onions do look like something…



Bennyboy writes:

Some existential tricolour on the Volvo Ocean Race Facebook page.


Fiona writes:

Aw. I only saw the [very thin] green line on paper with orange ‘R’!  On my Jcsp library skills workbook with my kids in Coolock [Dublin]

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