This Can’t Possibly End Well



Wait for it…

Tv3’s Ron Burgundy Alan Cantwell on last night’s Tonight With Vincent Browne.


Vincent Browne: “Alan you wanted to talk about the Barclays {bank] story.”

Alan Cantwell: “Yeah I’ll come to that in a moment, but what’s interesting about the publications, particularly the coverage of the handshake was the lack of a picture of a queen on the front of [Sinn Fein newspaper] An Phoblacht. [looks to SF’s Mary Lou McDonald] Would that have been a bridge too far…for Republicans? Mary Lou? [smiles]

Vincent Browne: “I would imagine it was because it was printed several days ago.”

Mary Lou McDonald: “It would have gone to press.”

Cantwell. “Of course.”


Cantwell:Anyway….Let’s get to Barclays story. Interesting story this in fact. It’s an incredible story of deviousness…”

Via Oireachtas Retort.

Thanks Lars Biscuits

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