A JobBridge Too Far


You may have been following the House of Ireland JobBridge brouhaha?

Deadbeat Dolehead writes:

This advert complies with JobBridge guidelines on advertising internships which state that “no mention of experience oror preferred experience is allowed” as the object of the JobBridge scheme is to provide jobseekers with relevent experience to improve their chances of gaining employment.

For the record, the Skills Requirement section of this advert listed as requirements:Highly motivated and willing to learn; ability to work in LAMP environment with content management systems and/or ecommerce platforms; should be confident in ability to build a website from start to finish using Content Management Systems (CMS). Demonstrate experience with PHP and MySQL. Ability to develop add-ons / modifications to the CMS and to work with source code

The problem subsequently arose with the advert for the same JobBridge internship that was listed on the Jobs.ie website (which has also been removed) This advert had quite specific requirements for the intern applying for the position, in direct contravention to the JobBridge guidelines.

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