Messing At Dublin Zoo


Kelley Cousins at Dublin Zoo writes:

“in a particularly large unveiling ceremony at the Kaziranga Forest Trail, Dublin Zoo welcomed one of the most highly anticipated arrivals in many years – Upali an Asian bull elephant. Upali arrived from Chester Zoo at midnight on Thursday July 5.

Upali is now the largest animal at Dublin Zoo. He is 17 years old, measures 3 metres tall and weighs over 6,000kgs, equivalent to the weight of ten Friesian cows.

Upali’s arrival is a momentous development for both the Zoo and the international breeding programme as he joins three breeding females – sisters Bernhardine and Yasmin, and Yasmin’s calf Anak.

It is expected that the elephants will mate soon and double the size of the Dublin Zoo herd over the coming years.”

(Patrick Bolger)

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