Inside This Month’s ‘The Racket’


“Before my admission to the hospital, I had worked hard, even throughout the most chaotic phase of my breakdown, to maintain an outward appearance of normalcy. I carried this delusion with me well into the early part of my stay on the ward.

Somehow, I had reached the conclusion that maintaining an ordinary-looking Twitter feed would be a key survival strategy while in hospital.

It was only after I had updated my status with a wise crack about the nightly news that I could fall asleep, consoled by the knowledge that my acquaintances probably pictured me on a couch at home, sprawled in front of the news with a laptop, instead of curled beneath starchy sheets in a psychiatric institution.”

What I Did On My Summer Holidays (Darragh McCausland, The Racket)

The Racket is a monthly online ‘themed’ magazine put together by many of the people who put together Mongrel magazine.

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