Understanding The Science Foundation Of Ireland Leak Crisis


Module 1:

1. Some people are upset Prof Mark Ferguson has been entrusted with distributing €150 million of taxpayers’ cash with such an interesting recent business past.

2.  Academics are upset Prof Ferguson has changed the criteria for deciding who gets how much cash, if any at all.

3. All this comes after an annual report showed the number of links between researchers funding by SFI and private companies had risen by 19 per cent.

4. Some claim their usual grant for research was cut off- without explanation.

5. Many eminent people within the scientific community have suggesting Peter Higgs, of Higgs Boson, wouldn’t have got a cent under today’s SFI funding criteria.

6. And a lot of them  made their feelings known online.

7. Now, Prof Ferguson/SFI has obtained a High Court order to force UPC to reveal the identity of people who posted comments, articles about him/SFI. (It’s not known what comments or which articles).

8. Yes, Sherlock’s involved.