The Bray Jazz Bowl


[vimeo 45855717 w=640&h=480]

Tiarnan Jones writes:

My flat mate, Phil Evans made this awesome skating…and AWESOME music video! the description on the video say it all really….y’all enjoy now! “A bunch of friends got together and turned an abandoned old roofless room  [in Bray, Co Wicklow] into something special with little know-how and a lot of graft! We invited our friend Max Zaska, a talented jazz musician, out to our bowl who took his drumsticks and his guitar and improved some really amazing songs to the skating that was happening with an industrious technique none of us have witnessed before.

Skaters in order of appearance: Rob Moss, Gibbo, Finn Merrins, Brian
Corscaden, Ciaran Hughes, Gav Coughlan, Shane Wheelan, Rich Gilligan, John Dillon, Patrick Bateman and Sherbert Dipdab.