Katie Limerick Winners


For the health of all our beaux esprits,
Should K. Taylor come top of the tree,
Though the nation rejoice,
We’ll have no other choice
Than to execute Jimmy Magee.
Gary Flood

O subs of the world, grab your guns
And dust off those Leprechaun puns.
There’s a Celt in the news:
Blah potatoes, blah booze
Blah car-bombs, blah schooled by the nuns.

Did you ever go boxing with Katie?
She’d knock the eye off a potaty
If the Olympics weren’t shite
I’d be watching the fight
Instead I’ll have tea and a pastry.

Gary Flood wins a A3 print of the digital painting above by Gianni Clifford.

Selected from these entries (see comments). Judges have adhered to the definition of a Limerick contained here. Thanks all.

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