Speeding Truck Tightrope


High/slackliner and stunt woman Faith Dickey walks a taut line between two  trucks speeding along a highway in Croatia toward a tunnel.

Essentially a promo for the handling ability of the Volvo FH truck, the sequence was filmed in cooperation with Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero and directed by Oscar nominee Henry Alex Rubin.

On her website, Dickey describes her forte thus:

Highlining took everything I thought I knew about fear and threw it into the sky. To stand on one inch webbing stretched across a void, with all exposure penetrating your vision and unhinging your brain, every iota of your being is telling you not to be there. This is fear and each step across that line pushes it slowly away. This is not a place you can build castles in the air, one can only think about breathing slowly, controlling the movement of your body and the line.


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