Meanwhile, In Ecuador


Alexander Barankov sits, today, in a Quito jail awaiting extradition to Belarus.

Having angered the Belarussian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko (current darling of the Equadorian economy) the blogger finds himself in a rather worse pickle than Julian Assange.

“Far from the world’s attention, the (Ecuadorian) government is evicting an ex-government worker from Belarus who has enjoyed three years of asylum status in Ecuador. The reason is that six weeks ago, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko was in Quito to sign a number of trade agreements and applied pressure. A short time later the man, Alexander Barankov, was arrested in Quito. Against this background, the flowery words of Ecuador’s foreign minister about the huge importance of political asylum don’t hold much value.”

Assange Case Exposes ‘International Hypocrisy’ (Spiegel Online)

Democratic Underground

(Hat tip @soundmigration)