Broadsheet Trailer Park: Bullet To The Head



What you may need to know

1. Ten years ago he was on the ropes. Now Sly Stallone is a movie star again. He’s celebrating this by starring in a cop thriller that makes The Expendables (2010) look like The Usual Suspects (1995).

2. That said, Bullet To The Head is the first movie in a decade directed by cult hero Walter Hill, the genius behind everything from The Driver (1978), The Warriors (1979), The Long Riders (1980) and Southern Comfort (1981)  to 48 Hours (1982) , Streets Of Fire (1984) and (more recently) the pilot for Deadwood. So we’re there.

 .Famous last words at ’30.

4. Cascading torrent of cop movie cliches between ’40 – ’50.

5. Hilarious ill-matched cop buddy movie racism at 1’00

6. Has-been one-time movie star in brief supporting role at 1’15. So sad.

7. All-time classic cop buddy movie cliche punctuated with hilarious ‘Stallone is OLD’ gag at 1’30.

8. Randomers flying through the air at 2’14.

9. We haven’t been this excited about a Stallone flick since Cobra (1986).

10. Remember the time Sly appeared in a Woody Allen movie? And no, we don’t mean Antz (1998)

Release date (Ireland): January 2013