Brownie Points


AUTHORITIES IN one of Ireland’s best-known beauty spots are finally cracking the whip on horse-and-cart drivers who may be tempted to tell tall tales to tourists or let their animals defecate in public.

Boatmen and other commercial operators in Killarney National Park will also be targeted by a new penalty point system, with fines and points for a range of offences including non-wearing of dung-catchers and “abuse of a horse” in the case of jarveys. Traditionally tolerated “yarns” by the boatmen and jarveys are also coming in for close scrutiny for any misleading content.

In short: no more talkin’ it, droppin’ it or behavin’ like it.

Penalty-point system cracks whip over dung-catcher use (Anne Lucey, Irish Times)

(Eamonn Farrell, Photocall Ireland)