The Man Behind ‘Innocence of Muslims’


Until the release of Innocence of Muslims, the 65-year-old Roberts has had an unremarkable career as a small-time director and editor. His directing credits include some softcore porn from the 70s and 80s like 1977’s Young Lady ChatterlyThe Sexpert and The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, third of the Happy Hooker trilogy. (It’s probably no coincidence that the cast included at least two porn stars.) Roberts tried to break into action in 1991 with Karate Cop: “John Travis is the last honest cop in a future dominated by terroristic martial-arts gangs who fight gladiator-style in arenas.”

Confirmed: The Director of Innocence of Muslims Is A Schlocky Softcore Porn Director Named Alan Roberts (Gawker)

Protests against anti-Islam film spread; assaults on US, Western embassies and peacekeepers (Washington Post)


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