British archive footage showcasing Sybil Connolly.

New-ish-ly-unearthed, colour-drenched and ever so preciously narrated

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

Incredible fine-woven tweed as light to wear as linen from Sybil Connolly, doyenne of Irish fashion design, and glamour-puss in her own right (she’s the elegant lady in the grey suit), shot in 1957 in wonderful Eastman Color. Featuring models Nola Ross, Pat O’Reilly, Molly Frith. Sybil’s red evening cloak made the cover of Life Magazine in 1953, as modelled by Anne Gunnington (above) heralding a decade of unparalleled Irish influence on international fashion. Sybil (who never quite reconciled herself to the arrival of the mini-skirt) died in 1998. Her dresses are now collectors’ items.

Sybil Connolly profile (Vintage Fashion Guild)


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