Literary Fame Costs


And here’s where you start paying.

And it’s quite reasonable.

Cathy from the Irish Writers’ Centre writes:

I wanted to share some of our courses, events etc. in the Irish Writers’ Centre on Broadsheet? We’d love to spread the word to encourage aspiring, budding and experienced writers to take advantage of the Centre on Parnell Square. We have some really wonderful classes starting next week and there’s everything from beginning your novel to finishing your novel as well as writing desire and writing for kids. You can have a look through our courses here. If putting this into a limerick of the day might help with this, here’s a limerick:

If you’re lookin’ to find your voice,
and you think a bitta writin’ might be noice,
Come to the north side of Dub,
to our city’s very own literary hub,
The Writers’ Centre will help find your inner Joyce.

Irish Writers’ Centre