The Parnell: Epilogue


The pub that said NO.

Yvonne writes:

I received a message this morning from the manager of The Parnell, via a journalist who had contacted him about yesterday’s post on broadsheet, saying that he couldn’t believe it when he saw the piece and believes the pub’s Facebook page was hacked and ‘someone is acting the fool’. Their official response is:
“Under no circumstances would I or anyone here @ the Parnell Heritage pub would even dream of putting up a response like that…if we didn’t have availability, it would have stated that & I would have asked her to call in, in person to discuss further. We are a new business in the area & have some great offers on (see Dealrush for current offer) & strive to exceed our customers expectations as you can see from reviews on Tripadvisor.”
They have offered us a complimentary bottle of prosecco & finger food for our inconvenience. My faith in common decency has been restored.

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