Texts, Threats And The Bord Gais Payment Plan


Martin writes:
Bord Gais, who sent us threatening texts in the past, despite us being on a payment plan, and despite stating that they wouldn’t, have sent another text threatening to cut off electricity and gas.

I rang them and they said that , while we have a payment plan that it is for the outstanding balance only and that, on receipt of each new bill, a new balance is created, which means a payment plan has to be agreed.

Which means the texts threatening loss of service continue and we have to call them every month to explain the situation and set up a different payment plan.

Until the next bill.

We are making the effort to pay our bills, we have not ignored any creditor and have existed under a harsh budget for well over a year,and to get these texts, a mere two months after being told we would not receive any more, is disheartening , and makes us feel like con artists, frauds and failures.

I certainly don’t need to hear someone tell me that, by paying on a Monday instead of the Friday that we are in violation of the plan and not to do it. And when I persist, saying I have an email promising no further correspondence, and that I consider a text message to be a further correspondence , suddenly a brand new payment plan, a yearly one,
suddenly becomes available. But not before I get another warning about breaching the terms and conditions.

I don’t need this, my wife doesn’t need this. We’re struggling, we’re really fucking struggling. We’re doing our best, give us a break.

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Thanks Lars Biscuits

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