What You’ll be Wearing This Season


Should you shop in Harvey Nicks and, you know, have a few bob.

Loris Azzaro Pink Dress €3,570.
If you’re a pencil-thin, alabaster-skinned, Erin O’Connor lookalike, this is the dress worth losing sleep at night over not being able to afford. Nice to see the draping and longer length on those with the height to carry it off. The rest of us should probably confine our search for affordable knock-offs to the most excellent shoes, which, unlike the current crop of crushed-toe beige patent, don’t make your legs look beef to the heel like a Mullingar heifer,

Moschino Cheap & Chic Dress with Pearl Neckline €510.
There aren’t too many dresses that love a woman’s curves but this might just be one of them.  Wear with boobs, a bum, a bit of Johnson’s Holiday Skin and an empty wallet.  Perplexed about this season’s obsession with the modesty bodice, but if you look good enough you’ll probably find someone willing to rip it off for you anyway.

McQ Leather and Tweed Dress 450,euro Goldhawk Chiffon Blouse 260,euro DKNY Faux Fur Jacket €310.
Love the boots, the lipstick and the colour of the fur. Not quite so sure about the shirttails hanging out the front and the skirt reminds me of my mum’s Brendella A-Line c.1986. Would love to see a plain black pencil skirt instead.   The catch: it costs more money than this writer will ever have not to look cheap in a fur/maroon leather combo.

Vince Drape Coat 675,euro Sportmax Black Peplum Jumper €275,euro and Pink Trousers €190.
This is the kind of gear that looks great on models, and daft on everyone else. It’s a nice coat, for (sigh) tall girls, but one black poloneck is the same as another. Wear the trousers if you’re brave and young and slim enough, but lose the shoes unless you want to scream ‘fashion victim’ louder than an Edvard Munch with PMT.

Marios Schwab Black Chiffon Dress €1,350.
Even the model looks embarrassed in this chiffon-covered Boadicea breastplate. If you’re going to do Zena Warrior princess there’s no room for modesty, even a modesty vest.  Or indeed leather driving gloves indoors.  Shame because the colour and fabric is lovely. Tip for designers: sheer sleeves are a sight more wearable than sheer midriffs.Should you shop in Harvey Nicks and, you know, have a few bob.

1. Desirable? Yes. Affordable? Certainly not. But there’ll probably be a few knock-offs in Zara later this season…

2. Despite what some designers may think, shoes are meant for walking in…

Models: Lisa Madden (brunette) and Eve Connolly.

Compiled by Deirdre V

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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