No Postcards To The Edge


This weekend Dublin Civic Trust is hosting an Open House event, sponsored by the embassy of Israel, entitled “Postcards of Our City”, in which Dubliners are encouraged to send postcards to residents of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The invitation to this event which is to be opened by Minister for Education, Ruairí Quinn, references Tel Aviv as a city “emerging from the sands”.

In fact, while some of Tel Aviv may have been built on sand, much of it was constructed over the Palestinian villages of Sheikh Muwanis, Jammusin, Salame and Summmeil.

….This is an occasion when cultural issues and human rights are inseparably linked, and thus we call on Mr Quinn to reconsider his decision to support this event and on the Civic Trust to withdraw its premises from the project. – Yours, etc,

John Dorman, MRIAI; Mark Price, UCD School of Architecture; Ciaran Cuffe MRIAI MIPI; Sean Harrington, MRIAI; Niamh Butler MRIAI; Mary Byrne Assoc. MRIAI; Peter Tansey MRIAI; Paul P Kelly FRIAI; Dominic Stevens MRIAI; Jim Roche, Johanna Cleary, Francis Duffy,, John Lauder, Simon MCGuinness Dublin School of Architecture, DIT,

‘Open House’ postcard protest (Irish Times Letters)

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