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“They’re relatively generous when compared to other parliaments,” Mr Coughlan, under questioning from TDs yesterday, said of Dail expenses.
TDs are paid expenses in two strands, the Public Representation Allowance (PRA) and the Travel and Accommodation Allowance(TAA).
Under the PRA, TDs and senators can opt for vouched or unvouched expenses, with a maximum of €12,000 for ministers, €15,000 for TDs and €9,250 for senators.
Those on the vouched system get €20,000, €25,700 and €15,000.
A total of €31.7m was paid last year in salaries and expenses to TDs, ministers and senators, but this figure does not include the leader’s allowance paid to political parties and Independent TDs.
According to details supplied by Mr Coughlan, almost three-quarters of backbench TDs use the vouched system, and submit receipts for their expenses.


TD Expenses Are ‘Generous’ Compared To Rest Of World (Fiach Kelly,



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