Late Bait Show


Mancu writes:

Of course this a first world problem and I’m a little ‘late late’ with this but…I felt compelled to write to know that I am not alone.
I have taken to staying in of a friday (broke) so tend to switch on the Late Late Show at least to have something to shout at as I open the second bottle.
Last Friday’s show, however – featuring [from top] Lar Corbett, Brian Darcy, Daniel O’Donnell, Michelle Heaton and financial whiz, Brendan Burgess – was not simply a bad show. It was of course horrible and felt like being trolled by RTE.
But it raised a very simple question. Have they [Late Late Show] just given up on a young, urban audience?  Has Twitter scared them off being even the tiniest bit credible?And is this soggy Middle Ireland diet ALL we can expect in the future? As you say, anyone?