Alternate Irish Rugby Top Winners


You may remember yesterday’s rugby jersey competition

The senders of the following two entries have won an alternate Irish rugby jersey signed by Jamie ‘The Jamiemeister’ Heaslip (above).

If I win intend to give the alternative jersey to a guy called Frank who I was best friends with as a child, haven’t seen in a decade and I hear has just had his second child. It would be a nice way to re-connect with an old, old friend. Frank lives, breathes and eats rugby and this would make his day. (Tim Bot)

If I win I intend to give the alternate jersey to my “friend” Henry because it was his birthday last week and he is a rugby fanatic.
– Henry is my son;
– Henry was one last week;
– Henry’s father* is from Connacht and never wins anything but he does wear an old Connacht alternate jersey on a very regular basis which is very embarrassing for Henry (Dublin born & bred);
– The alternate jersey will be put “in Trust”** until Henry is 18.
* That’s me by the way
** The rules of the Trust will dictate that Henry’s father regularly wears the alternate jersey until Henry is 18

Thanks all.

Jamie Heaslip will be signing all manner of stuff at Life Style and Sports, Dundrum, Co Dublin, from early tomorrow.

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