Dublin Protest


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A banner drop on the a Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin, earlier.

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Meanwhile, 19 rape victims:

As campaigners prepared to gather in central Dublin on Saturday for a rally to protest against the death of an Indian woman who was refused a potentially life-saving termination in an Irish hospital, the Abortion Support Network (ASN) gave an insight into the pressures facing women with unwanted pregnancies.

The charity, which issues grants of between £20 to £700 to Irish women seeking terminations, said it had helped 335 women from the Irish Republic over the last three years – including 19 rape victims, 21 with severe health problems and 21 girls under 16. A further six had attempted suicide in the recent past, the group said.


Hundreds Of Irish Women Forced To Come To Britain For Abortions (Henry McDonald, Guardian)

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Meanwhile, on India Times’ Newshour:

Host Arnab Goswami with Petra Conroy, Project Coordinator & Spokeswoman, Catholic Comment; Fr Dominic Emmanuel, Delhi Arch Diocese; Aryama Sundaram, Indian Supreme Court; Ide Nic Mhathuna, Spokeswoman, Youth Defence; Suranya Aiyar, Human Rights Lawyer and Rahul Easwar, Social Activist.