The Hailo/Historical Moustache Challenge


A balcony-pacing Michael Collins at Hans Place, London, 1921. Via

Thomas Ashe, Died on hunger strike, 1917. Born in Kerry. Via Easter

A luxuriantly handlebarred John Millington Synge, 1895. Via Creighton archive

Lord Kitchener, of ‘Your Country Needs You’ fame. Born in Kerry. Via

Unidentified man, part of the Roger Casement collection in the National Library of Ireland

And finally smoke alert – the entire Limerick City Fire Brigade, 1880 Via Limerick Museum Archive

In 1537, the sparse-bearded Henry VIII passed an Act for the English Order, Habit and Language which stated as follows:-

“[T]hat there is nothing which doth more contain and keep his subjects of this his said land in a certain savage and wild kind and manner of living, than the diversity that is betwixt them in tongue, language, order and habit … Wherefore be it enacted … that no person or persons, the King’s subjects within this land … shall be shorn or shaven above the ears or use the wearing of hair upon their heads like unto long locks called ‘glibs’ or have or use any hair growing upon their upper lips .

Above are some examples of genuinely alluring, historical Irishmen who breached the King’s ruling to extremely sexy effect.

BUT Who among them wears their mo’ with the most magnificence?

YOU decide.

Lines close at midnight,

Two random entrants will win €30 – yes €30 –  of Hailo Taxi App credit.

Thanks Sibling Of Daedalus