The Live Budget Liveblog is Live


By Eoin Thing, parliamentary correspondent:

2.30 Minister Noonan is on his feet

2.34 Interesting point about the GDP ratio in real terms.

2.37 Something about pensions.

2.38 Lol

2.47 That’s not even English.

2.48 He’s been talking to the guys at Goldman.

2.49 7%!

2.50 7%?

2.51 7% so.

2.49 The markets won’t like that.

2.53 Or that

2.54 That’s going hurt the coping classes. The neurotic remain untouched (Again!)

3.00 What about the SMEs???

3.05 Ah

3.11 Howlin on his feet.

3.12 No, really.

3.15 One-stop shop for inferstructural reform? Risky but I like it.

3.20 Take that, Keynes!

3.25 Emphasis very much on growth and jobs and money.

3.33 Howlin promising further measures.

3.34 And a range of other expenditure targets to be met.

More to follow

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