Broadsheet Editorial


In the fast paced world of modern media, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made.

Lord Justice Leveson’s report into the British media paints a grim picture of corruption, bullying, crime and an entire industry divorced from the very concept of morality.

However, sometimes the very speed of online publishing causes mistakes to be made innocently. While no website can be wholly free from error, all must correct their own mistakes, and must apologise in public for them.

An internal investigation has concluded that on December 4 Ewok posted a picture of a scone which, it was claimed, looked like Ireland. The scone did not, in fact, look like Ireland.

Here at Broadsheet we are proud of our long-standing commitment to highlighting unspecified things that look recognisably like Ireland. We apologise for the annoyance and any navigational errors caused by our cartographically-inaccurate bun.

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