Down These Mean Streets


[A reconstruction]

Garda Sullivan: “Wind the windah down there now Speedy Gonzalez”

[Paul Williams rolls the window down and stares gimlet-eyed]

Garda Sullivan: “Jaysus. Tis yerself hah?”

Williams [arches right eyebrow]: “Oh indeed.”

Garda Sullivan [pushes hat back]: “I’d say yer in a rush to meet up wih some underworld informant hah?”

Williams: “Oh my friend, I’d like nothing better than to tell you. But I can’t; I would not have the endangerment of a fellow crimefighter on my conscience.”

Garda Sullivan [whistles]: “Dunt dat bate all. Hoyah, sorry for delayin’ yeh. Go wan.”

Williams: “Mint. Keep fightin’ the good fight sham. Godspeed.”

Garda Sullivan [waves] “Right you are, fair balls to you all the same”

TD Alleges Three Had Points Quashed (Maire O’Halloran, Irish Times)

Thanks NKC


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