The Irish Lady


Misshapen, rough-hewn and salty.

A heartbreaking and possibly true story.

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

This is ‘The Irish Lady’ so-called because there was a ship from Ireland shipwrecked beside the rock and the only survivor was an Irish lady. She sat on the rock and waited to be rescued but the sea was so stormy (the rock is in midsea) no one could get out to her so she starved to death.
Now they say her ghost sits on the rock with a rose between her teeth. It does look a bit like a woman. The Irish on the ship were Protestants fleeing the 17th century Catholic massacres. if they’d been Catholics the Cornishmen would probably have said good enough for her.
Imagine the poor lady though, sitting on the rock, waiting and waiting and waiting, getting thinner and thinner and eventually just wasting away her skeleton falling down the rocks into the sea to join her former maritime companions



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Sibling of Daedalus

The Irish Lady (V&A)

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