Fleeing Instagram



So Instagram has updated its Terms of Service so your photos can be used in advertising without permission.

So how do you get your food diary photos off Instagram?

Openphoto is actually taking aim at Flickr and Facebook as well as Instagram and allows you to import your photos from all those services.

You can host the photos on Openphoto’s service or if you’re more technically minded/not lazy set it up yourself on a server of your own.

Instaport will let you download to your local drive or into another service like Flickr. It’s a little under pressure at the moment so you might need to try it again later in the week.

And finally, there’s Broadsheet’s favourite stakeboarding dev, James WheltonsGrabGram, although it’s more of a manual process than the other two.

If you know of another service that can grab the photos please leave a link in the comments

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